A cliff of differences separates these spouses

Divorce is probably one of the most difficult and trying times in a person’s life, but when you need one, it can have a very positive effect on your life. So, making your divorce go as smoothly as possible makes a lot of sense for you and your soon to be ex-spouse. In that spirit, here are a few things you need to know before getting divorced.

6 Things You Need to Know for a Smooth Divorce

  1. Assets that don’t play hide and seek– Hidden assets hurt your ex, they hurt any children from the relationship, and they hurt you. Many judges, upon learning that you hid assets, will not only force you to turn the entirety of those assets over to your spouse, but may also rule against you on other contentious matters. And if hidden assets are discovered after your divorce is finalized, your case could be reopened, and everything could start all over again.
  2. Documents that are ready to go– Procrastination actually causes more divorce woe than you could imagine. A missed deadline could turn an uncontested divorce into a contested one, force a judge to rule in your spouse’s favor, or could make you look like you’re hiding something. Be prompt with any documents requested.
  3. Custody rights aren’t just for you– Some parents believe that circumstances dictate that they should determine how their child’s relationship with the other parent works. This isn’t the case. Unless your soon-to-be-ex was abusive, negligent, struggling with substance abuse or dangerous, they will have a say in your child’s life. Most judges prefer to have both parents participate in a child’s life, so take that into consideration when figuring out custody arrangements.
  4. Leave vindictiveness at the door– Being petty or vindictive is a good way to make your divorce long and hard. It can lead to health problems, eventual financial problems and it’s usually not worth it. Be the bigger spouse in your divorce, even if your ex is being a pain in the you-know-what.
  5. Communicate– This makes for good marriages and even better divorces. It helps the process if you and your ex-spouse know each other’s goals and works toward them. Setting custody arrangements, knowing how to handle the assets and piece of mind are just a few side effects of talking to your ex civilly.
  6. You pay family law attorneys for a reason– Even the most amicable of divorces need a guide, otherwise you can end up back in court rehashing the same issues you thought were taken care of. Family law attorneys go to school for years to learn how this process works. They will know things that you do not, and they will know more things about divorce than your neighbor or Google. Listen to their advice; it’s why you hired them.

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