If you’ve been injured at work, you’re probably worried about how you’ll pay for your bills or feed your family while you recover. Filing for worker’s compensation could be one solution, but simple mistakes could easily cause you to miss out on benefits to help pay for your medical costs. Here are three tips to help you avoid making mistakes and get the most compensation possible to pay for your injuries. In addition, contact an experienced worker’s compensation attorney to discuss your legal options regarding your worker’s compensation claim. The attorneys at Gates Law Group are happy to offer their expertise and help you build a compelling worker’s compensation case.

Report Your Injury Immediately: The first thing you need to do after sustaining a work injury is to report the injury to your employer immediately. In California, you’re required to give notice of the injury within 30 days of you becoming aware of the injury. Should you miss this deadline, you might lose your right to collect worker’s compensation benefits.

Get Medical Treatment: Seek medical help immediately after sustaining an injury at work. There are some injuries that workers can suffer that can be fatal. When you receive medical care, medical staff document and collect medical evidence for your claim. Medical records will document your accident and describe your injuries, which could also be beneficial for an experienced attorney to look over.

Understand Your Benefits: Injured workers need to understand the benefits available to them through worker’s compensation. The following benefits are available:

  • Temporary disability benefits;
  • Paid time off while you recover from your injury;
  • Compensation for physical impairments caused by the injury
  • Reasonable and necessary medical care for your injuries

Afraid you’re making a few detrimental mistakes on your claim? Call the attorneys at the Gates Law Group. We can help guide you through the worker’s compensation process, discuss what benefits you could receive, and further explain what damages could potentially be covered by worker’s compensation.