Fresno Family Law Attorneys

Fresno Family Law AttorneysFamily law is an essential area of law and it definitely doesn’t lack its share of complications. Sometimes issues arise among family members where the law has to intervene to guarantee justice and fairness. Family law issues are some of the most complex legal issues even though a majority of the problems they address are common ones. Many of the rules are similar across states, but others differ. This is why a person dealing with a family law case in California should work with our Fresno family law attorneys who understand the laws of the region. Before hiring Fresno family law attorneys, it is critical to understand what these cases involve.

California Family Law

The field of family law covers the legal issues involving family relationships such as those between spouses, parents, and children. Divorce, adoption, and child custody are examples of the legal matters that fall under the provisions of family law. California family law is only slightly different from other states. For instance, unlike many other states, couples wishing to get married don’t have to undergo blood tests. It is also one of the areas where same-sex marriages are allowed. Some family laws offer protective orders, which integrate with criminal law. Domestic abuse, child abuse, and stalking are some cases that are covered by both legal practice areas.

Types of Family Law Cases

Family courts in California hear a host of different cases involving domestic matters. Learning some of the hearings that fall under family law is critical for anyone seeking the help of our Fresno family law attorneys. Know if the court can solve your problem before pursuing it. Common family law hearings include:

Dissolution of Marriage – Where one or both parties want to end a marriage contract, there is an option of divorce or annulment. Alternatively, a couple can get a separation order, but the marriage remains legal. Divorce law also covers the division of assets between spouses.

Child Custody – When a couple gets divorced and there are minors involved, the court can decide whether there will be shared custody or visitation. Child custody hearings can also involve parents who are not married to each other. California allows joint custody and grandparent visitation rights.

Spousal Support – The law may require one spouse to pay monthly support and maintenance to the spouse with a lower or no wage. Individuals can stipulate to the amount or the court can set the amount. A California court will decide the type of alimony depending on factors like length of the marriage, earning the potential of a spouse, and the standard of living during marriage.

Child Support – Depending on custody time allocations and income, one parent may be required by law to give monetary contributions towards taking care of the child. The courts use a state guideline calculation tool, called the DissoMaster, to determine how much a parent should pay. They are able to deviate from the guideline calculation if the circumstances call for it.

Protective Orders – a spouse or child suffering domestic abuse can seek protection by filing for restraining orders to keep the abuser away. Criminal charges can also be filed in abuse cases. Our Fresno family law attorneys can represent your interests.

Contact Our Fresno Family Law Attorneys

Hiring our Fresno family law attorneys is a good idea when dealing with domestic legal matters. For one, a lawyer is up to date on the various California laws involving domestic issues. You wouldn’t need to fret over how the court calculates child support or which community property laws apply in your divorce case. In some instances, laws overlap which adds to the complexity of a situation.

Cases involving family relationships can get very emotional. Our Fresno family law attorneys are not weighed down by the same attachments as the client and will be able to approach issues objectively. The experienced Fresno family law attorneys at the Gates Law Group will represent your best interests. Where negotiations are involved, you can trust the skill of an attorney to get you a fair settlement.