Consumer Bankruptcy helps people who are over their heads with debt. Bankruptcy can easily become a complicated matter requiring both knowledge of the law and experience before the court to successfully complete. There are many forms required to file a case, you will need to know the differences between the types of bankruptcies which can be filed, the types of items you get to keep, which can be taken and the differences between secured and unsecured debts. As your case progresses, many other areas of law and knowledge may be involved. Decisions made without an understanding of basic bankruptcy law can have serious consequences including the loss of property and legal rights. You need someone who has been tested in this complex legal arena. We may be able to get your debt paid on a court-approved plan while you keep your assets. Each case is unique. We understand the challenges of confronting money shortages while trying to keep a roof over your head. We can save your home.

We are thoroughly familiar with the different types of bankruptcy proceedings. We get it. You are losing sleep over the inability to deal with your finances. You need to contact Gates Law Group to put your mind at rest. Life is just too short to be worried about something that can be fixed in a legal and timely manner. Call Gates Law Group for a low-cost appointment and financial situation evaluation. We can explore your avenues for success!