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Our Local Family Law Attorneys Guide Families Through Legal Challenges

Fresno Family Law AttorneysOf all legal areas, nothing pulls at the heart like family law. The infrastructure of your life begins to deteriorate. Family relationships turn hostile as you are left wondering how to pick up the pieces of your life. All the while, you want to be financially stable and take care of your children. With so many disturbances in your home, it can be difficult to navigate family law issues. While some consider divorce to be frightening or tragic, you do not need to feel alone or hopeless. A passionate and experienced family law attorney can help you make your voice heard in your family law issues.

At Gates Law Group, we understand the turmoil and anxiety of dissolving your marriage. Dealing with child custody, child visitation, child support, spousal support (alimony) and property division can be overwhelming. However, our Fresno family law attorneys can help you and guide you through each step. We protect your rights with a thorough understanding of complicated California laws. With almost 40 years of experience, our lawyers know how to handle divorce and custody. Do not gamble with your future by making decisions that can impact your family alone. With a California family law firm on your side, you can reach a quick resolution and move on with your life.

Do I Need California Family Law Attorneys?

Family situations and issues are sensitive. You may be worried about the environment your children are living in. Otherwise, you may be concerned with division of property or business assets. No matter how seemingly simple or complex your family law issues seem, our firm can help. We focus on giving you a voice, so we can identify and protect your best interests. When you visit our firm, we focus on your perspective of events. After we understand your situation, we can help you with a wide range of issues including:

  • Divorce. When you go through divorce, it can be difficult to keep your perspective. Our family law attorneys take the time to respectfully explain options for you to resolve you divorce efficiently and amicably. If we cannot reach an agreement in your divorce, then we aggressively protect the rights of you and your children.
  • Legal Separation. A legal separation can work for some families. Unlike divorce, you will still be legally married to your spouse, but living separately. Our family law attorneys can help you draft details of your separation that benefit both parties.
  • Prenuptial and Postmarital Agreements. Drafting agreements before and after marriage is emotionally trying. Through creative legal strategies and our team’s passion, we can help dictate how your affairs and assets will be divided.
  • Property Division. You do not always split property evenly in divorce. Each property is divided between you and your spouse. A California family lawyer can help prevent you from losing out on any assets you are entitled too.
  • Valuation of Assets. During divorce, you must divide your assets and liabilities. This includes business assets. We creatively draft documents that will convince the courts of your right to have assets equitably distributed.

How Can I Protect My Children in Divorce?

There are two types of custody awards in California: joint custody and sole custody. Joint custody allows for both you and your spouse to make legal decisions for the children. If granted sole custody, then that parent becomes the sole decision maker. However, sole custody is not always legal custody. You may have sole custody of your child, but you do not automatically have sole legal custody or all critical decisions. Our firm can protect your children in divorce through a range of services, including:

  • Child Custody. California courts determine custody awards based on the best interests of your children. The court considers several factors, such as how school and community involvement, wishes of the child, past neglect, and income.
  • Adopting a Stepchild. Complications can arise if you attempt to adopt a stepchild after divorce and remarriage. We can guide you through the process to swiftly bring some of your life back to you.
  • Child Support and Visitation Issues. The courts use certain formulas to determine child support. Each parent’s income, time schedule and prior child support obligations are important factors. As a result, orders are made to assure the child’s expenses and health insurance costs are covered.

Divorce or Child Custody Questions? Call Our California Family Law Attorneys

Are you preparing for divorce? Have questions about child custody, adoption or support? Looking to modify an existing court order? Family disturbances in your home can create an environment where no one in your family seems safe. Furthermore, it is easy to have concerns about the safety of your children. We know how difficult family disputes can be. With compassion and respect, we will pursue every option to ensure you have the best outcome possible.

At Gates Law Group, your consultation is always confidential. Furthermore, our staff is adaptive and accommodating. Our Fresno, California family law attorneys are conveniently available for night and weekend meetings. Furthermore, in our attorney family, we take emergency meetings when they are necessary. Unlike most attorneys, we do not want you to fill out an impersonal questionnaire when you visit. We prefer to talk face to face and get your family’s story from your point of view. Call us today at 559-478-2700 or contact us online.